KPO Services


KPO Services

With the customers demand for quality on an upward swing and with shorter time to market cycles, the need for value creation and high-end business expertise is more pronounced than before necessitating the need for dedicated KPO services. As part of its KPO, StellarRCM offers core information related business services like conducting research, information gathering, business and market research, etc for industries like Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Finance, Clinical Research, R & D, etc.

The team at StellarRCM is composed of professionals with high analytical and technical skills and capable of handling all client requirements with competency, dexterity and aplomb. Domain specific training is provided where needed to establish familiarity and impart in-depth knowledge. Excellent quality services with complete data analytics and business intelligence is offered by the company at very competitive prices.

StellarRCM portfolio of KPO services also includes Pharmacovigilance offered to Biocon. Pharma companies are required to conduct tests before a particular molecule or drug is released into the market in order to establish its efficacy. StellarRCM team of pharma professionals interact with patients to collect and document information about the dosages and impact of the particular molecule/drug being tested. The team coordinates on a regular or day-to-day basis with a sample set of patients provided. The collected data is collated and statistics provided in a ready to use format.

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