Payer Solutions

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Payer Solutions

The traditional distinctions between payers and providers are evolving to embrace new models of delivering and paying for healthcare services. At StellarRCM, we believe that with the right evidence, analytics, and methods, payers and providers can transform healthcare. We imply our experience and technology to expand the data available to payers so they can improve the outcomes, enhance the overall experience, and reduce the cost of healthcare.

We don’t believe that payers and providers harbor a resistance to share the data. And we recognize, there are technical challenges in aggregating data due to interoperability between a myriad of sources.

StellarRCM’s Analytics Platform resolves these challenges and provides an adaptive depository of data complemented by analytical applications to help payers, which improves efficiency. These applications define populations, stratify risk, analyse PMPM costs/payments, support care management, and deliver a host of other uses for these aggregated data sets.

  • Care/Disease Management
  • Claims Management
  • Cost Management
  • Edi Modernization
  • Health Insurance Exchange / Marketplaces (Hix)
  • Icd-10 Compliance (Remediation)
  • Predictive Analytics
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