Revenue Cycle Management

Our end-to-end services focus on the entire revenue cycle, including validating demographics and billing to a patient calling and reporting. With a proven track record in annual collections, StellarRCM is a team of professional experts across the spectrum of healthcare.


At StellarRCM, we take care of Revenue Cycle Management needs by providing continuous support from the expertise.


You provide us the software platform and clearinghouse, and we do the rest.


How does the process go?


Revenue cycle management begins once a patient visits a healthcare provider to seek medical services and ends once all claims and patient payments have been collected. While the process may seem straightforward, organizations will have to follow these basic steps.


  • Scheduling/pre-registration
  • Point of service registration counseling collections
  • Encounter utilization review and case management
  • Charge capture and coding
  • Claim submissions
  • Third-party follow-up
  • Remittance processing and rejections
  • Payment posting, appeals, and collections
Revenue Cycle Management